Patient Accessories


Patient Accessories

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Chewies Aligner Tray Seaters - PK/10

- Made of a soft Styrene Copolymer material - Use with Clear Aligner Trays to speed up treatment - Helps with the seating of Clear Aligner Trays - White unscented - 2 seaters in an individual tamper-proof patient bag

Ortho Hygiene Kit - Kit

In addition to containing high-quality items that ortho patients need, our compact ortho kit is an excellent way to promote your practice. Premium Ortho Hygiene kit contents: - 4 Tuft toothbrush - Lighted Angled Mirror - Floss Threader - Waxed Dental Floss - Dental Wax - Duo Dent - Interdental Brush

Patient Hygiene Brochure - PK/10

Shows your patients how to: - Keep their teeth clean - What foods to stay away from - React if a problem occurs