Infinity orthodontic mini implant

This article will use the terms mini implants / mini screws / and Temporary Anchorage Devices TADs interchangeably.

Orthodontic anchorage is a very important concept for a successful treatment outcome. Before the introduction of mini implants in the 90s, head gear was used widely to gain extra anchorage when needed. But it was uncomfortable to patients and compliance was a big challenge for the treating orthodontist. That is why temporary anchorage devices TADs were introduced.

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Temporary Dental Implant - Templant - USA

Discover the Benefits of Temporary Dental Implants for Children with Missing Teeth

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Best self ligating bracket for orthodontic Pactive USA

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Adhesive Testing Result

In this video, we will reveal the test results of the highly anticipated IOS Orthodontic Adhesive. If you've been searching for the perfect adhesive for your orthodontic needs, look no further. We conducted rigorous testing to provide you with accurate and reliable information on the performance and durability of this adhesive. Watch now to see how the IOS Orthodontic Adhesive outperforms its competitors and why it is the top choice for orthodontists worldwide. Don't miss out on this game-changing product that will revolutionize your orthodontic practice. Get ready to take your bonding techniques to the next level with IOS Orthodontic Adhesive!

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