Lingual Retainers


Lingual Retainers

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Lingual Retainers 2&2

- Great for diastema cases - 028” wire with a central offset - Thin anatomical pad to minimize occlusal interferences - Available in 3 sizes

Lingual Retainers 3& 3

- Heavy .032” diameter wire - Anatomical form and offset pads - Sandblasted mesh for increased retention - Available in 5 different sizes - Size is measfrom in mm from the center of the canine to the contra-lateral one

Lingual Retainers 3To 3

- Use in severe crowded cases where maximum retention is recommended - Act as a splint for any condition - Bendable connectors for perfect adaptation - Manufacture from .017” stainless steel with laminated mesh pad - Available in 5 different sizes for upp