Banding Pliers


Banding Pliers

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Band Contouring Plier - Piece

- Reshape crowns and bands for the perfect fit. - Fine head and precise contouring.

Band Removing Plier - Piece

When the padded tip is on the occlusal surface, the non-padded tip lies securely under the attachment or the band edge for easy band removal.

Band Removing Plier short - Piece

- Shorter beak is preferred for large molar bands. -May be used for appliance removal such as a bonded RPE.

Band Seating Plier - Piece

- This plier features a thin head to grip the buccal attachment securely while seating the band. - The beaks are very strong, and the unique serration pattern makes it easier to manipulate the band.

Converting Plier - Piece

Designed to easily remove caps from convertible tubes. Long slim head to access hard-to-reach areas.