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Warren Spring - PK/10

-Designed to add either Lingual Root Torque or buccal root torque for an individual tooth
-Works with  any rectangular wire, minimum .018 x .025.

Warren torquing spring for orthodontic use

What is a warren Spring? 

A warren spring “also called Goodman spring“ is an orthodontic auxiliary spring that could be added to the arch wire to deliver positive or negative torque for a single tooth.   

When is the warren spring recommended to use? 

The warren spring is an excellent option for fine tuning the torque of an individual tooth. You can also use the warren spring to maintain the torque while enmass retracting the front teeth. In this case, four warren springs would be needed. 

How much force can a warren spring deliver? 

A medium size warren spring can deliver around 4 oz of forces with a full activation. 

What are the types of warren spring? 

There are two main types of warren spring:  

  1. Slide through warren spring. This spring has a helical end at both ends that mimic the desired wire size. This design has a better activation and springiness. However, the wire must be removed from the patient mouth, which takes a longer time.  

  1. Crimpable warren spring. This spring has two crimpable ends that could be easily attached to the wire without removing the wire from the patient’s mouth, such saving time. However, this design has a very weak joint where the spring meets the crimpable section. Also, the crimpable part might not hold tight on the wire causing the spring to rotate and losing its effectiveness to deliver torque.  

    Warren springs types

Why is IOS warren spring superior? 

Unlike other warren springs that are made from SS, IOS makes its warren spring from a special grade Elgiloy wire that has a higher spring quality compared to stainless steel.  All IOS warren spring are heat treated.  

Why Elgiloy vs Stainless Steel? 

Elgiloy is a superior alloy when compared to stainless steel in terms of versatility and mechanical strength.  Also, Elgiloy’s superior physical properties makes the spring more resilient thus functioning longer without distortion or fatigue. 

That is why Elgilloy is the preferred material for high end watch manufacturers.

How to use a warren spring ? 

The warren spring can deliver either Positive Torque “ Lingual Root Torque”  or negative torque “ Buccal Rooth Torque” based on how it is placed. 

  • To deliver positive torque, the spring loop must be placed gingival to the bracket 

  • To deliver Negative torque, the spring loop must be placed occlusal to the bracket “ closer to the incisal edge” 

Make sure you have enough torque clearance in the bracket slot, or the spring will not work. We don’t recommend filling the slot while using the warren spring. The recommended wire size is 17x25.  Please notice the diagram below and notice how a 19x25 wire has only 7 degrees of potential torque expression. 

Wire clearance for torque expression in orthodontic bracket size 22  

The warren spring might be used with all orthodontic wires such as Stainless Steel, NiTi, TMA and Elgilloy wires.  

Pearl tips: 

-Cut the wire in a 45 degree angles to facilitate the spring insertion 

-Use a weingart plier "IOS 18-451" to tighten the loop around the wire in its final position 

-You can activate the loop more by using a tweed plier "IOS 18-230".  

warren spring for anterior teeth

 Here is a case with four lower warren spring in action to deliver lingual root torque

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