SKU: 18-133

Pin & Ligature Cutter 15^ with Mini Head - Piece

  • Brillianttm instruments are made from the highest quality forged stainless steel. forged instruments are stronger than casted instruments. orbital joint for maximum performance & durability. Superior performance over box and hex joint.
  • IOS’s Exclusive Warranty: All instruments manufactured by IOS carry a Five-Year warranty on material, workmanship, and corrosion resis­tance. With normal maintenance and proper use, these high-quality instruments will work for years!
  • Same as pin & ligature cutter, 25% smaller head; maximum wire size .012".
  • 15° head. 


  • Do not cut braided ligature wires.
  • Do not cut wires exceeding the maximum cutting capacity of the instrument.
  • Do not cut any arch wire.

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