SKU: 11-197-115

Phantom Plus Kit 5 To 5 Roth .022 w/hooks 3s 4s &5 - Kit

IOS is pleased to introduce its newest kit design for better bracket storage and patient delivery. Each kit keeps your brackets in an individual storage area so you can use them as needed. Each kit stores your brackets in a sealed and clean environment until the patient is ready for bonding. Its new look Enhances your patient presentation.
Kit Contain 5 to 5 Upper and Lower brackets.

Call us today to customize your own kit or adding your preferred bondable tube.

Phantom Plus brackets combine the aesthetic of ceramic brackets with the low friction of metal brackets.

Bracket Specifications:

  • Made from Polycrystalline Alumina.
  • Nano coating kills bacteria and prevents staining.
  • Silver line slot for less friction.
  • Special base, Better mechanical lock.
  • Round edges for extra patient comfort.
  • Generous under tie wing space.

Brackets Color code are:

U Centrals - U Laterals - U Cuspids - U Bicuspids
L Incisors - L Cuspids - L 1st Bicuspid - L 2nd Bicuspid

Rebonding a Bracket:

  1. Make sure bracket is not damaged.
  2. Carefully remove any excessive adhesive from the base.
  3. Apply porcelain primer “17-411-100” to the base.
  4. Follow the regular bonding procedure.

Bracket Removal:

  1. Never remove ceramic brackets while the wire is in the slot.
  2. Using a debonding plier "18-435", grasp the bracket mesiodistally at the base and twist gently to remove.
  3. Use an adhesive removing plier if some ceramic is left on the tooth.