Phantom LP MBT/Roth .018 Individual Bracket

Bracket Specifications:

  • Polycrystalline Alumina Bracket.
  • Extremely low profile for maximum patient comfort & less occlusal interferences.
  • Round slot base technology to reduce bracket fracture.
  • The base is treated with a special coating to achieve excellent bond retention.

Brackets Color code are:

U Centrals - U Laterals - U Cuspids - U Bicuspids
L Incisors - L Cuspids - L 1st Bicuspid - L 2nd Bicuspid

Rebonding a Bracket:

  1. Make sure bracket is not damaged.
  2. Carefully remove any excessive adhesive from the base.
  3. Apply porcelain primer “17-411-100” to the base.
  4. Follow the regular bonding procedure.

Bracket Removal:

  1. Never remove ceramic brackets while the wire is in the slot.
  2. Using a debonding plier "18-435", grasp the bracket mesiodistally at the base and twist gently to remove.
  3. Use an adhesive removing plier if some ceramic is left on the tooth.
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