SKU: 13-403-106

Limber, Copper NiTi Broad Form Upper.018 - 35° - PK/10

  • A true super elastic wire with thermoelastic shape memory.
  • Generates more consistent tooth movement as the wire is active longer in the optimal force range.
  • Offered in multiple transformation temperatures to provide the right wire for your unique case.
  • The higher the temperature transition (TTR), the lower the relative forces delivered by the wire.
  • The lighter forces exhibited by the copper-nickel titanium and its high flexibility, allow these wires to be engaged in
    cases with moderate to severe tooth to tooth misalignment.
  • Longer clinical activation promotes reduced chair time and greater durations between wire changes.
  • Independent testing has shown that the copper-nickel titanium wire demonstrates maximum unraveling of crowding
    over a period of time, when compared to nickel titanium and stainless steel.
  • The addition of copper has been known to increase corrosive resistance and control the hysteresis width.
  • Use 35°C Copper when Medium force levels are needed.
  • Wires come with 2 stoppers.

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