SKU: 13-181-119

Classic D.G SS Natural Form Lower.018x.018 - PK/5

D.G. Wire is the only aesthetic wire in the market that combines superior aesthetics with low friction. due to advanced micro-machining only the outer surface of the wire is micro-coated!

  • Tooth-colored outer surface.
  • Shiny NiTi & SS working surfaces.
  • Resistance to staining & peeling for up to 45 days.

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SE NiTi - EM Natural Form Lower.014 - PK/10

- Super elastic NiTi is provided in its austenitic phase at all times. The super rebound and memory characteristics ensure desired results without the need for adjustment or modification. - Super elastic NiTi allows for a high degree of deflection without causing deformation of the original arch form characteristics. - Efficiency of performance ensures achievement of objectives without need for multiple staging of arch wires as with stainless steel alternatives - Three Lines for upper, one line for lower, arch wires are midline-etched for permanent identification