Royal MBT/Roth .018 Individual Bracket

Royal Brackets are Great for:

  • Patients¬†with Nickel or Titanium sensitivity.
  • Patients who need a new look that blends with the face.

Bracket Specifications:

  • Real 24K gold multi-plated¬†bracket.
  • Resistant to wear, peeling or chipping.
  • Parallel torque.
  • Low Profile, Means less interference.
  • Round Tie-Wing for patient comfort.
  • Vertical line for accurate placement.
  • Torque in the base.
  • Generous mesh base for better retention.
  • Sand-Blasted 80 Gange foil bracket mesh base provides deeper undercuts than conventional mesh pads for greater bond strength.
  • Polished sand-blasted mesh dramatically increases the bonding strength by 25%.
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