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Raydent - LC device - Piece

- One piece, portable and light weight device that employs an ergonomic pen-style construction that can enhance comfort and reduce strain for the operator - Light output Port or curing light tip has a wider-diameter. You will not require an overlapping of the tip and many curing areas to guarantee complete polymerization of the restoration. - Advanced beam collimation to reduce the divergence of the beam to maximize curing power in deep preps, delivering focused, powerful, and effective curing - Most adhesives and composites are cured in the spectrum of 450 nm to 480 nm. Our Led curing light offers a spectrum of 385 nm-510nm - Powerful LED bulb with a high intensity of 1700 mW/cm2 that you can adjust to standard mode 1700mW/cm2, or soft start mode 100 to 1700Mw/cm2 if you prefer for fast, efficient, and complete curing that delivers consistent and predictable results - 5 seconds curing light - Rechargeable Lithium ion battery - wall plug cord and USB charger to provide interrupted power during your practice - Power verification indicator